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Report:CLSx Tokyo 2015

It was the first time to hold CLS(Community Leadership Summit)x in Tokyo though it was very fantastic talk while the event.

We’ve talked Japanese Community issues just happened – almost same in U.S. and Europe OSS community and we’ve shared ‘key and knowledge’ for the issues with each other.and we’ve decided to continue to discuss that at next event (CLSx Tokyo #1) near future.

We’ve discussed 5 things in the issue:

1.How to design OSS community.
2.Company and OSS Community
3.The members getting older,geeker thus smaller (and varnished at worst)
4.There are no Leaders in Japanese OSS community why they are not needed?
5.Gamification with girls and ‘moe’

1. is there were some issues already been happened the past.A OSS vendors brought 600US$ to their community to look for the contributors and developers for their OSS but they couldn’t gathered much of them.on the other side there were great developers as volunteers in an OSS community – meant ‘only money’ is not so fascinated ‘money and how to use it’ are important for the community.
(c.f. Japanese OSS community used to feel difficulty to ‘the money’ – not so earn with OSS but lately there are ton of OSS solutions released by Japanese IT vendors,we move the mind and have to earn with OSS – now OSS is ‘free from money’ is old word :))

2.has many issues,almost Japanese OSS Community is rooted to the companies because almost of they have got started as ‘XXX Users Group’ managed by companies.In U.S and Europe OSS is important business – NPO and companies Linux or OSS hiring engineers as full-time job in U.S and Europe.On the other in Japan there are a bit increased but almost are not full-time job.And I used to talk to some attendees at CLS12 that there were few OSS community managers in Japan -that job seemed to be needless in almost Japanese OSS companies because almost Japanese communities are very much techical-oriented,so they don’t need such a job – might better hire engineers for their marketing strategies.but not full-time OSS job engineers feel difficulty to contribute OSS and more lang barriers makes me difficult to do that.
(Note: I had a chance to talk a famous OSS company representative in Japan he talked me OSS manager getting more less-needed OSS community getting more matured.he told me the manager might be harm for their business at some cases .Certainly I haven’t heard at all lately from OSS community manager in the company and more one of the manager is my friend but he already resigned the job)

3.is serious issues especially infra OSS and OSH communities almost members getting older and geeker thus younger keeping away from such a communities – establish another communities.it is well-known A average ages in a OSH community members is 48-50 (Certainly a Linux Users Group in U.S. has almost the same issue).so we need to dare to ‘open’ for youngers and beginners.
Note Lightweight Languages communities or Applications communities succeed to gather younger -perhaps their communities very young can easily gather them.

4.is, I am sure it is especially issue in Japan.I introduced what happened at CLS with my pics taken there.almost of them would love to talk their experiences but almost Japanese are hesitated to talk to audience and more hesitate to lead a community.so most difficult issue at Japanese OSS community is ‘choose Leader and stay as Leader’.democracy is infiltrated in almost countries but some misunderstand what ‘democracy’ is.once the Leader is elected he has privileges to manage his community.but sometimes a member strongly disagree with/dismiss/oppose/ some issues,then Leader talk to his/her ‘Okay do it yourself if you can it is okay’,he/She turn to much mad ‘Why you can’t do/hear my opinion and do yourself I CANT UNDERSTAND LEADER IS CRAZY!’ Leader lost confidence and feel much difficulty to manage his community.An attendees suggested OSS Leaders should ‘take it easy’ to handle his communities.he told ’lightweight management’ was good way to lead it and lead a members up to the project they would do – if the project failed and vanished it might be okay,do another project,it is the element needed to keep the platform for OSS community.
(but other said crash-and-build the project and lightweight management need to the help from ‘butler Company’ I used to join Sun OpenSolaris community,Sun used to work too much for us as a butler (they had over 200-300 employees for that!)- help manage community,sending some stuff for us and more)

5.is lately there are excessive (overacted) gamification in Japanese OSS community using ‘girl’ and ‘moe’ some OSS community using too much with them to gather members.but some girl and moe is not ‘related’ in the OSS skills or some.A community elected a ’moe’ girl as their OSS Leader but she doesn’t have management skill and any OSS skills but in fact she is elected because it prevents from the conflict with each members – there were many between them.but Some girls OSS communities discomfort such a activities,is feeling mad at such a ‘gender abuse’.lately ‘male’ members using such the abuses – makes ‘females’ keeping away from the OSS communities and more divorced from the male communities.’

We haven’t had some conclusions above the issue but we would continue to talk near future.




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I always remember the day coming Atomic bombs struck to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I blogged last year in my facebook note below


Almost people like Americans don’t know ‘at all’ what happened in Nagasaki.I would note about that heard from Grandma – She has passed away when I was univ student.My mom tell the same whenever coming the day – Atomic bombs going down to Nagasaki city.

She was at the place where was a bit far from Nagasaki city to have something to do.She heard something happened there and went to see what happened to bring some foods.when she arrived there she saw much more victims – seriously injured and some of her relatives are dead – melt down and vanished.she was shocked – cried and cried..she remembered she gave some victims rice bowls brought for the relatives…she told me ‘it was ‘really really’ hell and why Americans has dropped such destructive bombs!’

Whenever the day coming my mom told that with ‘鬼畜米英’ means at that time Japanese thought them of beast and evil – those who has dropped destructive atomic bombs.and she often wondering why almost Japanese aren’t mad at – say ‘May peace be in the world.’ Grandpa,who was army engineering officer,told her Japan would do lose the war -such a small country never win the war.( I don’t know him because he has passed away before I was born. ) and many people at that time were agree with.Sure I am agree,even if America hadn’t used the bombs,they would win the war.

We should remember such destructive bombs have been used and dropped there and killed and injured huge people – it should be ‘the first time’ and ‘the last time’.if we used it again,we should know the guilty for that.

I would note for my friends all over the world and may really peace in the world.perhaps I would refer again every year the day coming…

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IT Anarchist :-)

I talked Hiroshi Chonan,who use to be OSOL leader now belong to Japanese Ubuntu Team,about it against IT Architect.well why? occurred something gaming trying to do much more things for IT especially OSS..it is a bit long while resigning Core Contributor for OpenSolaris,I trying to do many…Hard Hacking (Mac,Arduino,Raspberry PI..and more)..why it is for.whose community I should stand for? no I would learn more and fun with it and more…and I just going to lead fun thing just like Gamification.. I attended OSC Tokyo and visited Ubuntu booth put my stuff to their booth – I got at OSCON and CLS,the members of Japanese Ubuntu Team were happy to say the stuff were cool and new.


I talked Chonan I remembered Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols so he called himself ‘Anarchist’ and told ‘Just destroy’..I would do only destroy ‘old myself’ – OpenSolaris contributor as I used to be’,’ Red Ocean – beat Proprietary against OSS’ and ‘Old IT habit – Lang Barrier,Japanese Lang ‘first’ most Japanese OSS communities have’.thus I would call myself ‘Anarchist’.

There are many FALSE ‘Evangelists’ and ‘Architects’ getting increased here in Japan though I wanna be ‘IT Anarchist,destroy old and bad IT habit’ and ‘try new’.

Pistols in Wikipedia

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