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I have’nt introduced one of the most fascinate activities for Japanese RPi community – Eject command Users group by Ouchi Akira , @akkiesoft though I have known him for a long while πŸ™‚

Eject Command is doing something through pushing and pulling out CD’s tray – ex.it powering on/off air conditioners.for more info please check the link his activities and if you are interested please join his community.



I’m remembering akkiesoft playing around at Open Source Conference and Raspberry Jam – was very cool thus make Eben and us happy.and has become famous RPi communities all over the world.Liz mentioned on official blog and said the he was ‘great’.now he going and work toward ‘the first step’.

Next he should blog in Engish and disuss with Eben πŸ™‚ ,Akkie (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ ウィーン


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According to ‘irof Advent Calender by Japan Java Users Group It is my turn today I would blog a ‘Joke’ :-p

I am newcomer of Japan Java Users Group so I don’t know famous Java Guys ‘irof-san’.I have heard many Japanese Java Guys he is very famous Kansai-Jin…but I haven’t met him…I only know ‘rofiadm’ command by OpenSolaris,which is for mounting iso onto devices.

*mounting iso
bash-3.00# lofiadm -a /var/tmp/sol-10-ccd-GA-sparc-iso.iso

*checking iso mounting to devices
bash-3.00# lofiadm
Block Device File
/dev/lofi/1 /var/tmp/sol-10-ccd-GA-sparc-iso.iso

*mounting devices to be available
bash-3.00# mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
bash-3.00# ls /mnt
README components installer volstart

*umount from OS and umount iso
bash-3.00# umount /mnt
bash-3.00# lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1
bash-3.00# lofiadm
Block Device File

Next turn @yukieen -san

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